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About me

My Story

I choose essentials oils. Why? The answer’s simple: I’m a mum.

I’d always enjoyed a balanced approach to wellbeing, but in 2016, a profound life-changing moment started me on an obsessive journey of un-negotiable wellness.

It all started when my youngest daughter, then aged four-months, went to hospital for a routine eye appointment and was unexpectedly whisked away for emergency surgery.

She was secure in my arms one moment and then gone the next. Swallowed by the bright lights of the hospital. Just like that.

Minutes turned to hours, and when the operating room doors eventually  opened, the Pediatric Ophthalmologist stood before me and didn’t mince his words. The vision in my daughter’s left eye was heavily compromised; meaning she would endure ongoing and abrasive surgical treatments.

My sister, who is a nurse, recommended oils to support my baby through her discomfort and irritation. I discovered that lavender soothed and calmed her little body; that a drop of frankincense in her evening bath helped promote relaxation and that adding a couple of drops of Easy Air to her diffuser at bedtime could help calm her senses and promote a restful sleep.

Once I experienced the effective power of doTERRA essential oils, incorporating them into my family’s lifestyle and daily household routine was the next natural step. Soon enough I was cooking with oils; particularly helpful considering how selective my daughters, were, and still are with particular tastes, smells and textures.

Nowadays, I’ve completely rid my household of all chemical toxins and mainstream cleaning-products and substituted them with essential oils. I’ve made small controlled changes to my environment such as combining lemon and vinegar that can be used a cleaning agent, or, a salad dressing.

I choose to read product labels. I ask difficult questions of manufacturers and vigorously seek to expose their noxious elixirs. I have removed all fragrances and synthetic products out of our home. I advocate for the use of Adaptogenic essential oils in the everyday life of my children; encouraging better sleep, stronger immunity, increased focus and strengthened energy levels.

I’m not a Doctor, or health care provider, but I take control of my environment and I take ownership of my health and that of my family.

I choose essentials oils. Why? The answer’s simple: I’m a mum.